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Founded in 1997, we grew from humble beginnings and was originally based in founder’s family home, to this day, bynature and myth unique collections encompass bath and body care as well as hair care. For more than 25 years, we have seen the value that lies within the natural plants and flowers that surround us.

We are the first company in Thailand who concern about the significant effects of chemical ingredients to customers’ body that we only produce either natural or plant-based products. And is today we produce finished line of natural and plant-based products that go into health stores and consumers nationwide.


bynature and myth brands have established domestic success and sales and are renowned for everyday safe toiletries that capture all herbs around the world, selected health stores and many prestigious department stores, plus overseas stores and shops. Distinctive and unique, the company has earned an outstanding reputation for its quality, nature concerned and environmental-friendly packaging.

Cabbage Plant

Our Value

We deliver simple, affordable, natural and toxin-free personal care products with the best nature and science has to offer

Our Passion

Living conditions have changed considerably over recent decades. These changes have gradually modified the characteristics of our environment and daily stress to the skin. The use of natural substances present in certain plants is the source of potential short and long term benefits. Results are improved clarity and comfort to the epidermis.

Most of us are familiar with the term free radicals and environmental dangers like second-hand cigarette smoke have been well documented. While many of us would rather go thirsty than take a sip of common tap water, few are aware of the number of toxins we slather into our skin everyday in the name of beauty.
Some chemicals were known carcinogens while others were banned or are untested for their potential health hazards. The amount of contaminants found in a human's system are referred to as a person's body burden. People are exposed to toxins through air, water, food, and what is absorbed by our skin? Once chemicals are in the blood, they accumulate in target organs or are metabolized through the system over a period of years. One way to reduce our exposure to chemicals is to use natural products.

So, are we nourishing it the right way? Many cosmetic products on the market are advertised to be "natural", based on plant extracts, enzymes etc.  Only if you read carefully,  you may find that this natural ingredients constitute only a small percent of the product. The rest are synthetic and chemical ingredients: dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrances.   

bynature and myth made with either 90%-99% plant based or 85%-99% natural based, preferably organic ingredients.  All of our products are free from synthetic color, more simply with a sophisticated touch for the sensitive person.  Products made in environmentally friendly package.

The ingredients used in our recipes are plants and herbs or their natural extracts and essences, pure vegetable oils, pure water, honey, shea butter, vegetables and fruits, kaolin clay and natural beeswax. Natural cosmetics can nourish and protect your skin from the harsh environment (e.g. air pollution). The natural cosmetics can help your skin to regenerate. 

At bynature and myth, we create personal care products that are derived from replenishable resources, strive to make simple, efficient, affordable, valuable, environmental-friendly and cruelty-free product to nourish people's skin daily with the best nature and science has to offer. All products are carefully researched and developed to ensure only the finest, most effective naturally botanically based formulas.


We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth, and all its inhabitants.

: organic before pesticides; 
: botanicals before ar
tificial colors and fragrances

: natural before synthetic ;
: vegetable-based before animal-based; 
: reusable before disposable.

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