For more than 8 years IA Plus have seen the value that lies within the natural plants and flowers that surround us.

Founded in 1997, IA Plus grew from humble beginnings and was originally based in founderís family home, to this day, IA Plus unique collections encompass bath and body care as well as hair care. Ourís present manufacturer plant is located in Amphur Muang, Nonthaburi Province.



With skilled herbalist, experienced and dedicated staffs, Bynature and Myth brands have established domestic success and sales and is renowned for everyday toiletries that capture the essence of Thai herbs around countryís selected health stores and many prestigious department stores, plus overseas stores and shops. Distinctive and unique, the company has earned an outstanding reputation for its quality, nature concerned, and creative packaging.

IA Plus is the first company in Thailand who concern about the significant effects of chemical ingredients to customersí body that we only produce either natural or plant-based products. And is today the only company that produce finished line of natural and plant-based products that go into health stores and consumers nationwide.

Today, the only thing in our mind is how to produce fresher and purer natural products.