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Living conditions have changed considerably over recent decades. These changes have gradually modified the characteristics of our environment and daily stress to the skin. The use of natural substances present in certain plants is the source of potential short and long term benefits. Results are improved clarity and comfort to the epidermis.

Most of us are familiar with the term free radicals and environmental dangers like second-hand cigarette smoke have been well documented. And while many of us would rather go thirsty than take a sip of common tap water, few are aware of the number of toxins we slather into our skin everyday in the name of beauty.

Some chemicals were known carcinogens while others were banned or are untested for their potential health hazards. The amount of contaminants found in a human's system are referred to as a person's body burden. People are exposed to toxins through air, water, food, and what is absorbed by our skin? Once chemicals are in the blood, they accumulate in target organs or are metabolized through the system over a period of years. One way to reduce our exposure to chemicals is to use natural products.