natural | organic cosmetics

Shine and Color Enhancing Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

Give hair a deep, rich glow with non-coloring Henna Extract contains Lawsone, natural pigment to the hair fibers, help to boost shine and create natural lustrous highlights.

Natural and organic body care


We surround ourselves with man-made chemicals in practically everything we do and in every part of our living and working environment. From pesticides and fungicides in our food, chemicals in our clothing, make-up, deodorants, skin and body care products and the list is endless.
Caring for one's whole body includes skin care choices contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Natural based products can help to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals.

natural | organic cosmetics

A mild and body  wash  formulated with Essential Ginger and Citrus Oil to help awaken and refresh the sense, while cleansing and conditioning the skin. Antiseptic Ginger Oil in shampoo helps to increase circulation, stimulate  the scalp to promote hair growth and stop flakes.

natural | organic cosmetics

Avocado yield a rich and deep penetrating oil that penetrates the skin deeper than any other plant oil, increasing the ability to transport active substances through the skin for increased effectiveness, together with its wonderful natural emollient properties it is ideal for dry or mature skins.
Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin A, D, & E potassium and sterolins, reputed to reduce age spots. Renowned for its natural healing, anti-bacterial and anti-wrinkle properties, avocado oil also stimulates the collagen metabolism, increasing the proportion of soluble collagen in the dermis, and retarding the visible signs of ageing.

natural | organic cosmetics

Pure, natural ingredients of the highest quality are used, including Certified Organic wherever possible


Natural / Eco-Friendly

99% From natural origin

Parabens free

Ethoxylate free

Vegetable based surfactants

Certified organic ingredients

No synthetic dyes / Fragrance

Recyclable package

BIG & BIH 2008
Gulf Beauty 2009
Cosmoprof Asia Hongkong 2009

natural | organic cosmetics

Intensive Avocado Shampoo,
Intensive Avocado Hair Conditioner, Intensive Avocado Shower Gel, Intensive Avocado Body Scrub, Intensive Avocado Facial Scrub.


All label and package printed with natural ink for the solution
to the environmental health
and safety concerns.

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